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Information regarding collection and use of personal information

To fully respect and ensure personal privacy, all personal information provided for within this Website (the Site) will be protected under appropriate laws, procedures and techniques.

1. The Site (Entities to Use Personal Data) will collect the following personal information from companies who seek partnerships or related to business.

2. Items of Personal information to be collected:
Company (organization) name, Contact person name, telephone number, email address, other telephone number and Website URL.

3. Collection and use of personal information:
To verify the identity of the person proposing a partnership and secure effective communication channel.

4. Time Period to Use Personal Data:
The Site may use the personal data until the later of
(1) the existence period of the specific purposes for collection of personal data;
(2) the data retention period required by applicable laws and regulations or The Site’s internal policies, or set by The Site’s due to business operation needs;
or (3) the retention period agreed in the respective contract or agreement executed with the Client.

5. Areas where Personal Data are Used:
Any jurisdictions where the “Entities to Use Personal Data” are located.

6. Each of the Client Personnel may exercise the following rights with respect to his/her information according to relevant Articles set forth in the Personal Information Protection Act:
(1) to make any enquiries or request for review.
(2) to request making a duplicate copy.
(3) to request to supplement or rectify of any error.
(4) to request to cease the collection, processing or use of Personal Data.
(5) to request to delete or cease processing or using the Personal Data if the specific purpose no longer exists or time period expires.
The Site has the right to decide at its sole discretion whether it agrees to proceed application under the regulations of Personal Information Protection Act.

7. You are in the position to decide whether providing personal related information and classification. However, The Site may not be able to provide you relevant services or better services if The Site may not process necessary checking in terms of the operation requirement due to the lack of your personal information and classification. Your understanding is appreciated.

8. If there are matters not mentioned herein, this Notification Letter shall follow “Personal Information Protection Act”. This English translation is only for reference, in the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English texts hereof and thereof, the Chinese version shall govern.

9. All personal information obtained from the Site, unless otherwise specified or as set forth under relevant laws or regulations, will only be applied within the scope of original intent. You agree to the collection and use of personal information.

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